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About My Perfect Goatee®

Elevate your grooming game with My Perfect Goatee® — the award-winning goatee shaving template. Designed to revolutionize the way you maintain your goatee, our patented product guarantees a flawless goatee with each shave. Its three adjustable settings cater to your unique facial structure, ensuring a sharp and professional look in minutes. Simply position the template over your goatee, pick up your preferred razor, and witness precision like never before. Our commitment? Delivering exceptional quality tailored for every goatee enthusiast.

Behind this innovative solution are its creators, Scott and Christy Bonge. The genesis of My Perfect Goatee® was Scott’s own quest during college for the perfect grooming tool — a quest that remained unfulfilled for over a decade. Taking matters into his own hands, he began with rudimentary models using modeling clay and Popsicle sticks. After rigorous testing and iterations, the product made its debut in 2006. Crafted with precision from ABS plastics through an injection molding process, My Perfect Goatee® promises consistency in every piece.

The heart and soul of our brand is truly family. The image featured on this page, taken in 2008, captures a cherished moment with Scott's family, embodying the dedication and passion behind My Perfect Goatee®. Our aspiration is for this product to simplify your grooming routine, ensuring a perfectly symmetrical goatee every time.

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