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What is a Goatee and How do I Shape It?

A Goatee is the most prominent beard style of 21st century men. The term ‘Goatee’ derives its name from Billy Goats, the man who first sported this style. In order to be a 100% authentic goatee, the beard needs to appear just on the chin, and the jaw lines and cheeks needs to be shaved off completely without any connective moustache. What is commonly called a goatee is really a van dyke. A van dyke includes the beard on the chin and the moustache.  Wikipedia-Van Dyke beard.   However, the word that is most widely used when speaking about a facial hair pattern that included a beard on the chin with a moustache is ‘goatee.’  Goatees need to be regularly trimmed and maintained to give that enhanced look. A man should carefully consider whether his goatee needs to be short, long or thick to go with the shape and size of his face. Ideally one should experiment with all the different styles before settling for a particular one.
Obviously, before shaving your goatee, you need to grow one first. Just let the hairs on your chin and those under the bottom lip grow a couple of week before you attempt to shave it. Once you get some stubble on your chin you can get ready to shape your goatee.
Most men who wear a goatee understand that shaving it free hand is extremely difficult since you cannot see if you are lining the shape up properly on both the sides of the face. This is precisely why you need a goatee shaving template which would keep your goatee in the right shape. In this article we are going to discuss how My Perfect Goatee™ works.
My Perfect Goatee™ is an easy and effective goatee shaving template which is going to help you shave your goatee evenly and quickly every morning. This adjustable goatee shaving template is forever going to change the way you trim and shave your goatee. One of the best parts of this device is that it can easily be customized to fit your facial structure with just 3 simple adjustments. All you need to do to perfectly shave your goatee is place the My Perfect Goatee™ shaving template on top of your goatee and shave around it with a razor of your choice. My Perfect Goatee™ comes with a mouthpiece to bite on, so as to hold template firmly against your face.  Here is a YouTube video demonstration showing how to use My Perfect Goatee: https://youtu.be/MnHIXpoVOwA.
Shaving freehand is never again going to be a problem since My Perfect Goatee™ will ensure that your goatee is prim, proper and attractive.  My Perfect Goatee™ comes with an ultra soft mouth guard on the inner surface so as to keep it in the right place while you are shaving.  Now you no longer need to worry about the misshapen lines since My Perfect Goatee™ is going to stick firmly to your face.
My Perfect Goatee™ can be used on goatees and faces of all shapes and sizes since it comes with 3 easy adjustment rollers for a customized fit. It will markedly reduce your shaving time. You no longer need to stare hard at the mirror trying to get those lines right.
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