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Podcast of Inventor's Journey - My Perfect Goatee™

In this podcast, Scott Bonge shares his inspiring journey of bringing his invention, My Perfect Goatee®, from an idea to a reality. Hosted by Alex Ennis of Simplified Strategies, the podcast explores Scott's motivations and the obstacles he faced along the way. Scott's story serves as a source of hope and encouragement for aspiring inventors, reminding them to persevere and never give up on their own ideas. The podcast highlights that with determination, anything is possible.  My Perfect Goatee® was previously named GoateeSaver. 
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What is My Perfect Goatee?

My Perfect Goatee is a shaving template for guys with goatees. The goatee shaving template gives you a sharp and distinguished looking goatee by helping you shave your goatee symmetrically on both sides of your face. My Perfect Goatee is used by placing the template over your goatee and shaving around it with your favorite razor. My Perfect Goatee shaving template will adjust for different size faces and goatee style.


My Perfect Goatee is also available here